Little Dragons
(ages 3-8)

Curriculum  is designed  with the younger students in mind to help develop physical, emotional and social maturity.
Class structure consists of:  
High energy drills to develop self-control, self-discipline and teamwork.  
Age appropriate fitness, agility and coordination exercises.  
Basic Martial Arts techniques taught in a fun, easy-to-learn  format.
Sparring and weapons training to help develop memory and control.        

Karate Kids
(ages 8-13)
Curriculum  is designed  to help students develop basic Martial Arts  skills such as teamwork, discipline, focus, control, memory, balance,
fitness and coordination. 
Class structure consists of:
Physical fitness, agility and  coordination drills to develop a strong  body and mind.
Self-defense and form training to help with confidence, memory and focus.  
Traditional Martial Arts presented in a format which enables the students  to understand the theory behind the movement.    
Sparring and weapons training to help prepare students for tournaments and competitions. 


Curriculum is designed specifically for the more mature teen/adult with real world application in mind.
Class structure consists of:
American Kempo based drills and training to prepare student for street self-defense.
MauyThai kickboxing and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training for well-rounded students.
Weapons training for competition and defensive purposes.
Hands-on sparring and and grappling for the advanced students that would like to take it to the next level.
Basic Program
Complete Basic Program (Including Karate, Kickboxing and Self Protection)
2-3 Classes per Week
Develop a Positive Mental Attitude
Build a Strong Martial Arts Foundation
Basic Nunchuku Instruction
Short Term Course Requirements
Receive Official Uniform

BBTC Program
Complete Black Belt Training Curriculum
Weapons Training (Nunchuku, Staff and Stick)
Sparring Games (Safe Sparring Drills & Games)
Board Breaking
Self Defense, Safety & Awareness
Life Skills (Personal Development)
Promotion to Black Belt

Leadership Training Program
Complete Black Belt Training Curriculum
XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts Performance Training)
Advanced Life Skills
Promotion to 1st Degree Black Belt